I am Renato - a Swiss-shaped product designer - with the ability to turn visions into reality. Currently, I am completing my Master‘s in Digital Management to further develop my methodological skills and sharpen my business sense. What drives me is having an impact on people – unleashing their full potential through collaboration and design products that improve peoples’ lives.

I have played basketball for more than 15 years. Although losing frustrated me, I never cared about the score. I asked myself the other day, where is this feeling coming from? I figured out that my goal always is that my team and myself play to our fullest potential. To achieve this is more important to me than winning or losing. What applies to me on the pitch I experience in my daily working life. Iterate and improve - learning from failure, for me, is the key to reaching one’s maximum level.

I am able to recognise potential in colleagues and know how to organise groups to unleash creativity based on each individual’s strengths. Although I am able to deliver work by myself, I can only reach my full potential in collaborations. I can help others to achieve theirs and need them to help me do the same.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in product design at the Zurich University of the Arts specialising in “Style and Design”. During my studies, I was encouraged to think outside of the box so as to develop new ideas and approaches to solving design problems. During my undergraduate studies, I also had the possibility to study abroad for a semester in China. It was fascinating for me to learn about challenges and richness of intercultural co-working and diverse thinking.

I have been working as an Interaction Designer at the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) broadcasting company for 4.5 years. During my years at SRF, I had the challenging but very rewarding opportunity to learn Interaction Design from scratch. Developing my design skills to continually improve our services and products, and using “user-centred design” was vital for my work. Learning to manage the products was my responsibility: from user research to market readiness, and upon reaching my target, starting the entire process over again.

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Renato Schneeberger
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