How might we create a lean identity for a hotel?



The client was the Hotel Kurhaus in Lenzerheide Switzerland, an over 130-year-old hotel in the Swiss mountains. Successfully managed by young people with a unique spirit. They asked me to redesign their communication and define their core of the Kurhaus brand - but of course, they had no time and no budget. Those constraints led to "How might we define a lean communication style for a hotel with no budget and no time?"


To align the different designers who worked on this project and further giving the client a base to develop their products individual, I created an online corporate identity style guide.


In addition to the demanded work, I designed a concept and prototype of a Hotel Concierge. This concierge would have been tailored to the needs and capabilities of this hotel.

My responsibilities

– Art direction
– Branding
– Corporate identity
– UX / UI
– Prototype – HTML / CSS
– Leading print design
– Leading photo shootings